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The 22nd China hardware exposition opened

On September 26, the 22nd China hardware exposition opened at yongkang international exhibition center. During the three days of the expo, the exhibition hall is full of people and the atmosphere is warm. Meeting also held a "invention hardware industry innovation base in China" and "national sports industry demonstration base" opening ceremony, incentives in yongkang hardware industry cluster development, and explore more new ways for the innovation of zhejiang manufacturing upgrade.

The hardware industry as the first in China, the world's third party, since the mid - 1990 - s development, has held 21 sessions of China hardware expo, from the first booth 2000 square meters to 86000 square meters now, from the initial volume of 600 million yuan (RMB, same below) to 14.1 billion yuan, now not only create a zhejiang manufacturing specialization, branding, international success stories, but also shaped the show yongkang hardware manufacturing industry to the world famous brand and to attract domestic and foreign enterprise exchanges and cooperation stage.


"This year the expo has brought together from Italy, Israel, Singapore, Japan and other countries, 1661 companies as well as Shanghai, jiangsu and other domestic more than 20 provinces, overseas exhibitors ratio rose to 57%, from 53% the previous pavilion number increased to 12, exhibition area of 86000 square meters." Jin zheng, the party secretary of the communist party of China (CPC), said that this year's China hardware expo, which has the largest exhibition area and the largest exhibition scale, has been the largest ever.

At the same time, zhejiang provincial zhejiang provincial and zhejiang provincial and zhejiang provincial and zhejiang commodity market purchasing and zhejiang goods will be opened jointly with the hardware fair, the same Taiwan "to sing". "Science and technology of China hardware city yongkang is excellent representative of the zhejiang market and boutique zhejiang goods display window, the national-level" grafting "hardware fair, reflect the accurate docking, demand guidance, the characteristics of the depth of fusion." , deputy director of zhejiang province administration for industry and commerce Fang Jintu thinks, in zhejiang province inside and outside market docking way, not only promoted the influence of the brand in the country, zhejiang for zhejiang cargo circulation channels to expand the vast space, to further expand the market outside the province, zhejiang province, to achieve "formed" zhejiang province inside and outside market.

Deputy secretary of the CPC jinhua municipal party committee, acting mayor of Yin Xuequn said both located in yongkang, the exhibition will further promote yongkang hardware products all over the country, get around the world, promoting the development of zhejiang province zhejiang dealer market booming.

It is worth mentioning that this year's fair trade union team is enthusiastic. As the first national marketing network zheshang industry alliance, zheshang hardware mechanical and electrical union organized a national well-known enterprises exhibitors, standard booths set up 36 electromechanical alliance zone, to zheshang manufacturing industry innovation and development units.

It is understood that the China hardware expo will also be a section of the fourth China (yongkang) net goods, China (yongkang hardware industry design exhibition, project exhibition of achievement of new and high technology and other activities, for the domestic and foreign enterprises to provide more communication opportunities. Yin Xuequn said the hope the yongkang hardware expo held to promote transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and hardware, stand "backbone" of zhejiang manufacturing industry, in order to realize "two high" to make new contributions. (after)

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